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The "REAL FORMULA" of top internet marketers and what you need to do...

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For all the success stories you hear of online marketers going from near broke to wealth, those were in a minority but...those numbers are growing rapidy. So what are they doing that you're not?

The following is a quick breakdown of the magic formula for online success and it's simpler than you think.

 The list of what top marketers do:

  • They have multiple income streams

  • Use top tools/ads that attract prospects

  • They have consistent follow-up

  • Use mostly automated services

  • Always building a list of prospects

  • Always learning, staying on top of trends

  • A positve, "never give up" mindset

  • Pass all of the above onto others

  • Have mentors and support team 
  • Know consistency is the key to success

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MORE and MORE people are starting to catch on.

Most people can't do it all at once but EVERYONE who is successful followed the above formula and built their businesses step-by-step. You can too.

"The Costco/Walmart/Amazon principal"

The top marketers of today use the model of multiple desireable products/services at more affordable prices, keep what's working and replace what isn't. 

SYSTEMS/TOOLS - YOUR FOUNDATION: Everything starts here.Having a system with the ability to create (or copy) very effective ads, capture pages, landing pages is a must for all online marketers.This is not only a must for every online business but it's usually an important additional income stream. For some, this is their main business. 

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AUTORESPONDER SYSTEMS: This is critial for email and possibly text follow-up and or announcements. Texting is a choice that does comes with a "risk/reward" element. Meaning; Texting is fast, easy, people get them and read them much faster than email. Honestly, it can also be a bit intrusive. For the most part, people don't want anything via text that isn't a direct communication with someone they want to have access. Cell phones are an extention of most people these days so texting becomes more personal. Some people really do not like to receive texts that are business related or ads that are a form of "text spam". People still receive and do read their emails for the most part. The email advatage is, people already know they're going to receive all kinds of offers that can go to 4 different boxes so then at least, it's a choice if they want to read it.


For many years, these services have been the #1 cost for online marketers. There are many that still pay 100's per month.

NOT ANYMORE: There are new all-inclusive systems out there that not only can you have everyone tool and service you need, you can get them in one place, at a fraction of the cost. Even better, it can become an addtional income stream. - system - image 1.jpg


This system uses alot of A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). does have, literally every tool you will need, exceptional training and you can also get leads through the system as well. 

For site tour: Click here

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This is the HOT, NEW system where the product is actually freshly generated leads (100 per month or more) Created by one of the top marketing systems online (The Conversion Pros), WGF provides freshly generated leads, some must see benefits and one of the most powerful new income opportunities as well . 

For site tour: Click here

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES - MAKING GOOD CHOICES: In the endless sea of business opportunities online, choosing wisely can be the difference between success and wasting a great deal of time, effort and money. We all see so many opportunities all over the internet that all make big claims. One of the best practices is a pretty simple, common sense approach. Keep an eye on the top online marketers and the choices they make. Top online marketers are the ones who get the early alerts of what's NEW and HOT before everyone else.

Now keep in mind, the reality of it is, a lot of those top online marketers are about money first. Meaning, you may not get a whole lot of help or support. Having said that, there are some very good people who make steady incomes online that have support systems in place. They know the value of long-term relationships, doing business online and they're genuinely decent people who like making those online relationships and actually enjoy working with and helping people. 


There's a broad range from High Ticket opportunities to the long term residual income choices. Both have their very specific appeal to the masses. Whether your goal is to make more money faster, build long term residual income or both, we'll go through the pros & cons along with overviews on the TOP PICKS in both categories.

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OBJECTIVE: Large, Immediate Commissions/Cashflow

DWP ADVANTAGES: Call Center, Automation & Simplicity

The first important point is; DWP is proven. For over a year now, DWP has been market all around the world with great result. 

The world of Digital Products and "High Ticket Businesses" has grown dramatically in the past 3-5 years. 


For complete details: Click here

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OBJECTIVE: Consumable, Highest Quality @ Lowest Prices, Residual Income

LIVEGOOD ADVANTAGES: The advantages are actully the same as the objective. The owners also have a proven track record of success with several companies.

For complete details: Click here

WGF Nitroline - promo image - image 1.png


OBJECTIVE: Provide the #1 service needed - leads/prospects,  Residual Income

WFG ADVANTAGES: You have the largest customer base providing what just about every online business MUST HAVE. Recieve Memers receive 100 freshly generated leads per mo, helping build their list PLUS a list of other great services like training & tools. It also allows them to get their leads for free by referring just a few people. Possibly build another great income stream. 

For complete details: Click here

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OBJECTIVE: Providing the best proven and most cost effective tools

ADVANTAGES: It starts with tools that have proven to be consistently effective over the years and at the same time, affordable for any budjet. 

For complete details: Click here

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My experience and how that can be very helpful to you.

FIRST, it's about "paying it forward". I had great mentors that set the example. They went out of their way to help me, they didn't have to. In today's world of business automation, it can be pretty impersonal to the point that it feels like you're completely on your own. That can be a pretty tough and also a bit of a lonely way of doing business with little or no guidance or any kind of support. I  know exactly what that's like. I do my part to not only get your questions answered when you need help but I have also created an entire outline of proven marketing advertising methods that are very low cost or FREE. 

Although there are no guarantees of success and we're all taking the same risks, I try to give everyone their absolute best chance for success vs what you normally see out there. In fact, I even advertise for you to help you get started. That's something you WILL NOT find anywhere else. 


Questions? Contact me anytime:

Kellen Burgos

(715) 225-2356

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