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First things first...Welcome to the team!

This is our "Getting Started" Team page designed to help streamline the process of not only getting you off to a good start but a fast-start with your MWR Financial business.

Mindset and approach to your business: How we'll bring out the superhero in you!

This mindset, these habits are the formula:

  • Preparation - You don't have to be an expert right away but you do want to know the all basics of this business so you can guide prospects down the path to discover for themselves

  • Consistency (Daily/weekly) - We will show you what works, you have to do it like clockwork, every, single day and week

  • Complete focus - If you put on your blinders to all the noise with that "I will succeed" attitude, we will help make sure you do

Websites, capture pages & systems:

  • Tested and proven High-pulling  pre-designed ads

  • Tested and proven capture pages (Like the one you entered)

  • Step-by-step instructions on where/how to place the most cost effective and FREE ads

  • DONE FOR YOU advertising. To build to the higher levels and get to those six & seven figure incomes, it's all about a team effort and if you're that focused person, we invest in you!

  • 3-way support calls for your customer & business prospects

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Phone conversation, follow-up email:

  • A proven phone script outline for you to follow

  • Follow-up email after connecting with prospects, with your website address for them to review and sign-up

  • 3-way support calls for your customer & business prospects

For phone script outline and folllow-up email: click here

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