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The story everyone should hear...

Suzanne Somers, originally known as an actress, was a highly intelligent woman and best-selling author who wrote more than 30 books devoted to better health. Suzanne had battled cancer since she was in her 20's. In her 50's she was once again diagnosed with cancer. She was again, strongly urged the route of Chemo-therapy, drugs, etc. Being the holistic health advocate she was, Suzanne chose another path which included the LIFWAVE Phototherapy patches. 
Suzanne lived another 20 + years
and became one of the best known celebrity, new age holistic health advocates in America, affecting the lives of millions. 
Sadly, Suzanne passed away last year at the age of 76. She will be greatly missed but her legacy will live on. 

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(30 and 90 day money back guarantees) 

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