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Opportunity overview

There are 3 different ways to generate income with LIFEWAVE that can very realistically create RESIDUAL INCOME FOR LIFE... 

Retail sales:

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For customers or anyone who want to try out the product or place an order whenever they like. They can simply order directly from your LIFEWAVE Brand Partner site or if you decide to carry some inventory. 

Make upt to 50% profit plus BONUSES!!

For a breakdown of retail/wholesale income: click here

Wholesale marketing:

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BIG MARKET with BIG POTENTIAL. From private practice physicians, Chiropractors, Coaches and Trainers to anyone who want to save big

with a monthly subscription - Proven to be an UNLIMITED MARKET!

Make 20% - 33% profit plus BONUSES!!

For a breakdown of retail/wholesale income: click here

Network Marketing:

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LIFEWAVE spent many years marketing this life-changing product and technology directly to Physicians, Professional Athletes & Celebrities.

That gave LIFEWAVE both the proof and the exposure at a very high level. 

With the amazing results everyone was experiencing, the "word of mouth business" became the obvious choice for worlwide distribution. Now, with 8 offices worldwide, LIFEWAVE is primed to spread fast. If "timing in business is everything"in business...we're defininltey in the right place, at just the right time.



Team Overrides, Bonuses, Weekly & Monthly Income!! 

For a breakdown of the compensation plan: click here

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Kellen Burgos

Lifewave Brand Partner

 "LIFEWAVE is that very rare opportunity completey rooted and ready for massive growth. Being part of a company with this level of ownership, reputation and products that are truly "LIFE-CHANGING" with zero competion, is unmatched . LIFEWAVE is that company you can build a long-term future with. We have everything in place - JOIN US"



Questions? Ask about Start-up Options!

We do send out product samples.

Contact me at:

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