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LIFEWAVE Zoom Meeting - 2/22/2024

Hosted by: Mike Dew & myself

  • First, my Background how it connects very strongly to LIFEWAVE and our goals (Very serious athlete from a boy, through college to the pro level with my mais sport being football. I then went on to teach & coach for many years but that was PT.

  • My main business became marketing/advertising by 30 and has been ever since. I was also introduced to network marketing going way back to the days of one of the first big ones in Herbal life. That was a great learning experience. Since then, as Mike will tell you, we've had our share of successes but never anything that really had the long-term and unlimted potential that we see with LIFEWAVE.

  • My experience with the patches - When my contacted me and said he had something in the realm of Health & Welness, I wasn't interested because I'd seen everything and have tried everything worthwhile. But, it was Mike, I respected his opinion and so I took a look. It was little by little I found myself going "how interesting", "fascinating". 

  • I gave it a try  

  • Options of using the patches

  • Different ways to market the business

  • Setting up a system for everyone

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