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"We're BREAKING THE MOLD by bringing in

a new age of MIND, BODY & SPIRIT health"



WHY? This is a very simple, yet very important answer.

A company that claims to have the absolute highest quality nutritional supplements at the absolute lowest prices, better deliver. THEY DO.

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: There have been non-stop testimonials coming on a very large scale. Members are raving about these products and pricing.


"I have been a business owner for over 35 years. BUT ONCE UPON A TIME...

I was a very serious athlete for over 20 years. Then I taught/coached and was a trainer for most of my adult life. I learned an awful lot not only about getting and staying healthy but about people. Yes, those are pics if me in H.S. and college. The ship pic was just for fun. I love vintage ships (worlds largest floating musem in San Fran). One day I realized it became the perfect metaphor, symbolizing our navigation of the vast and upredictable sea of life "  

- Kellen Burgos


MY GOAL: A 100% honest, detailed evaluation. After 50 yrs, I am able to get to the truth without bias or a placebo effect.

FIRST, I could list all kinds of testimonials like a lot of companies do but that can be pretty bias often times. People can sometimes be experiencing a "placebo effect" and/or be more motivated in building the business. Both this company and my objective is about getting to the truth. 

SECOND, I have literally been connected to the health & wellness industry for over 50 years. I'm about to turn 65 but I started studing, experimenting with all things related to nutrition and fitness as an aspiring athlete at 14 yrs old. I was very determined, so like a lot of young athletes, we basically gagged down about every product available to get bigger, stronger, faster in an effort to gain an edge. We literally became "human guineau pigs". I don't claim to be an expert but 50 years of studying & experimenting with supplements and overall health provides a very educated insight.


My challenges and results after one month plus on the LIVEGOOD product line:

Based on the products I take: Super Greens, Super Reds, Protein supp. & Factor 4 

  • Hypoglycemia (chronically low blood sugar): I have dealt with this most of my life. Highs and lows in energy levels and mental alertness have sustained a notable level of consistency.

  • Workouts & daily activities: Had leveled off on gains in strength/stamina. Dramatic improvement after approx 2 weeks then 1 month. It was so noticable at the gym, I often times found myself thinking "wow, that was easier" and double checked to see if I set the weights the correctly.

  • Chronic Arthritis: So back to why I made a point about being a serious athlete. I was in full contact sports (Football, Martial Arts) for many years (11 - 35 yrs old). With that, I've had countless injuries for head to toe which developed into some pretty serious arthritis. I can't complain too much, I asked for it. Staying healthy helps a lot but trying to ignore a lot of pain & discomfort every day will catch up to you. Simply put, the FACTOR 4 has been life-changing for me. I've tried so many products over the years with minimal results but this was dramatic. I realized just how bad it was - I do everything better as a result with far less pain & discomfort. 

  • Hair, Skin & Nails: I will admit, as a guy, this is not something I pay a lot of attention to. It was hard to ignore that itchy, dry Winter skin not only stopped but couldn't help but notice my skin and hair were both feeling and looking better. My nails started growing noticably faster. I also had dramatic lines, ridges and indentations in my thumbnails which have almost gone away. 

The best health insurance policy:

These days, especially those of us over 50, just want to have a better quality of life and avoid serious health issues. We're all aware of the outrageous costs associated with health insurance and it is a neccisity of life but...there absolutey is a better way. The best way to avoid outrageous health costs is don't get sick. It may sound overly simplistic to some but it is absolutely true. Presently, one-third of the U.S. population is 50 and over. That's a HUGE number of people in the "danger zone" of health. Here's the good news...we have more people living longer, healthier, active lives than any time in history by a long-shot. Clearly that's not by coincidence. We're figuring out how to live healthier, happier, active lives. A focus on quality of life, mind, body & spirit is the answer. 

Quality vs Quantity: The number of Centenarians (age 100 or older) has sky rocketed. There are an estimated 573, 000 worldwide. That's quadrupled since the yr 2000! Those are staggering numbers. Even though our goal isn't necessarily to see if we can make it to 100 or better, the best quality of life we can acheive while we're here, should be.


Why become a member rather than a retail customer? Let's face it, the majority of the adult population takes some type of supplementation with their diet. I am a LIVEGOOD member/affiliate but we do have a retail site as well. There are literally thousands of nutritional companies and honestly, the top complaints have always been; poor quality, very high pricing...or both. LIVEGOOD has taken the model of some of the major buying/savings memberships where you can get these high quality products at wholesale pricing. At just $9.95 per mo, it can save members hundreds per year while getting the most potent nutrients in your body.  

I first chose LIVEGOOD for a simple, common sense reason; If I can in fact get the highest quality products, most potent ingredients, for the lowest price, why would I not for that reason alone?

Have I found exceptional products elsewhere? Sure, but the reality is, it's usually one product from this company and another product from another company and at more than twice the cost of the LIVEGOOD product line. BOTTOM LINE, in my opinion, the LIVEGOOD product line is one that everyone should be try. For the quality, price and most importanly just can't be beat.


AN INSIDE LOOK at the LIVEGOOD product line:

Product overview: Super Reds for Heart, Brain,

Sexual Function and so much more...

Product overview: Factor 4 - Anti-inflammatory

The Ultimate for arthritis and so much more...



If you haven't already, secure your 

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LiveGood Organic Protien

LiveGood Factor 4 Advanced


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LiveGood Super Reds


LiveGood D3-K2


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