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The Secret Weapon
for generating fresh prospects for your online business DAILY...for FREE!

1) Go to your FB HOME PAGE and look at the left menu. You'll notice the search box where you'll want to start entering keywords for business groups. 

FB business group new - posting image 1.png

2) Fill in keywords to find business related groups: There's no shortage of groups, there are ten's of thousands to join. You'll want to target keywords that make sense, in this case, for your product/service or business opportunity seekers.

keyword examples: home business, home based business, work from home, make money from home, business opportunities, make money online, make money from home, network marketing, MLM, affiliate opportunities, etc, etc.

FB business group new - posting image 2.png

3) You'll notice the arrow is pointing at the Join Group button. That's what you'll want to click to get the process started. 

FB business group new - posting image 4.png

4) Once you've selected the group category from your keyword search, you'll see groups listed. If you've already joined a group in this category, it will be highlighted in blue.

IMPORTANT TIP: Don't join groups that are going to make you jump through a bunch of hoops to be in their group or can only post specific to their group. Don't waste your time - There are literally thousands of business related groups in every category that you can join.

FB business group new - posting image 5.png

5) Here's an example of what it looks like after you have already joined a number of groups and they are listed for you under groups.  You'll notice it says "Groups You've Joined (at the top)

FB business group new - posting image 6.png

IMPORTANT POSTING TIPS:  These are tips that will make the process simpler and more efficient. Once you get this down, it will take about 5 - 10 minutes to post your ads each day. One of the most valuable marketing methods of today and remember...IT'S 100% FREE!!

1) Always have your ad copy (with your link) ready for posting

2) You can also pull up your last ad copy from notices that pop up from your last posting. You'll see notices like (some person who saw your ad) liked your ad or responded to your ad. Just copy and paste it into your ads for the new day.

3) Have your actual ad image handy whether you pull it up from download files or store it somewhere else for easy access. 







4) If you see a notice that someone has entered a response to your ad, IGNORE IT. It's just someone tagging your ad with their own ad. 

5) Only join and post to groups that have the least amount of requirements for sign-up and posting.

6) Go for the groups that have members into the thousands. there are many that have ten's even hundreds of thousands of members. 

7) Only join groups that allow you to simply post your ad copy & image AND THAT'S IT! Don't waste your time on groups that make you fill out forms or jump through hoops, it's not worth it. 

8) IMPORTANT: If you see any group that has blocked or rejected your posting, immediately go in and remove yourself from that group at the drop-down menu of the "Join Group" tab. Simply click "Leave group" (shown below)

PLEASE NOTE: A very recent change for FB business group posting. Once you start to post your ads, as shown in this image, you may not be able to see the business group listings (left side), so you may have to simply click on the back button arrow (top left) to get back to your group listings. 

FB business group new - posting image 3.png
FB business group new - posting image 7.png

THIS IS "A MUST", LOG/RECORD YOUR POSTS - This is a very simple but very important step in this process. You must make logging/recording each post part of the process as soon as you're done. Simply the date and the last group you posted to. WHY? Because you can not post to the same group in less than 24 hrs but more importantly, to make sure you're only posting to a MAX of 20 - 22 groups per day so you don't get kicked out by the FACEBOOK PATROL. 

TIP: A lot of groups have similar, sometimes even the exact same names. One might be capitalized, one not, etc. Record them exactly the way they're listed so you alway make sure you have the right group. 

Facebook Group ads - Notebook logging im

SO...DOES THIS WORK? This is all I could fit on my screen but below you'll see a screenshot of my website stats after taking 5-10 minutes to post an ad on FB business groups. I get very detailed stats as you can see in this strecth of time, most of the visitors are coming directly from FB!!

FB business group new - posting image 8.png

QUESTIONS? Make sure you contact the person that sent you to this page. 

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