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 "Our #1 goal is to help everyone get into profit fast" 

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FIRST, thank you for your interest in our business! By design, this is the business of people helping people grow and succeed. Our goal is to help every single person succeed who joins us. THE GOOD NEWS IS...

you won't need a whole lot of help. EXITUS ELITE is truly is the most LUCRATIVE, AUTOMATED, WORK FROM HOME BUSINESS we've ever seen and we've seen pretty much everything out there for over 30 years. 



1) You set up your marketing system so it has all of your information and links (it's very simple, step-by-step and you have great support available to help you if needed)

2) The MOST IMPORTANT STEP is setting up payment systems SO YOU GET PAID directly & instantly!

There are a number of payment systems you can utilize to get paid directly several of which are listed in section #2 below

3) Promoting your business - Unlike other companies/opportunities out there, we have everything you need to ensure you get a steady flow of prospects. Our Product line of Digital Success Training and secrets is unmatched!

4) You answer a few question that can easily be handled via text or email (We have all of the answers for you)

5) Pass on all the same tools, training and support to your new partners that come on board!

"Wash, rinse, repeat" to the tune of $1000's per month, per week or even...per day!

**FINANCING AVAILABLE for those who would like to get started on a budget!


First, let's talk about your EXITUS ELITE back office. After you've set up your profile and payment systems, You'll want to get familiar with the menu which links to everything you'll need including:

  • Your sales & stats

  • All of your partners & their stats

  • Leads who come through the system

  • Extensive training for your business


  • All system and library upgrades included for life!

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The best part of this business...$1000 PAYMENTS INSTANTLY!!


There are so many options out there for fast payment systems and solutions.


The best advice for setting up payment systems is, give people as many YES options as possible. Meaning; you don't want any road blocks for prospects who are ready to go. Some may be comfortable with Stripe Venmo, Zelle, PayPal or prefer to send it directly via overnight courier. Also, if they're not set up with the one you're using they may have to take the time of getting set up so making it as simple and fluid a process as possible, is setting yourself up for success!

IMPORTANT: Don't forget, one of the huge advantages of being a EXITUS ELITE business owner, is that we have several options to get started at just about any budget level. That means no one is excluded. The other huge advantage is all those pass up sales and split sales. REMEMBER: It takes just as much effort to make a sale at $100 as it does at $1000. You'd have to make 10 sales at $100 to match one sale of $1000. Which would you rather do?


The EXITUS ELITE System system IS specifically designed to automate your marketing and sales process.  One of the most important pieces of the puzzle to ensure your success. It's very user friendly and you can be set up in minutes!


Here are the main points outlining how this system has helped so many make so much money with your EXITUS ELTE business:

  • This system captures your leads from any promotion and takes over from there.

  • This system literally does the selling and telling for you

  • New prospects often times sign up directly from this system without more than a few questions you can answer via email or text. We have that Q & A for you. 

  • The system has a built-in autoresponder that follows up for you. All the emails are already pre-written for EXITUS ELITE

  • This system has many tools including a broadcast feature to send out an email to your prospects. 

  • Highly cost effective - Similar marketing systems charge several times what EXITUS ELITE does. Capture page and autoresponder systems would cost $75 - $200 per mo.  The entire EXUTIS ELITE system is INCLUDED! 

Vertex Lead System - image 1.jpg
Vertex Lead System - image 1.jpg


MARETING/ADVERTISING, LEAD GENERATION is one of the main components to success and the life-blood of any business. 

The truth of the matter is, this system and opportunity is very automated. Once you're set up, most of the automation does the work. Will you have to do a few daily tasks? Of course. You still need to treat this like a real business but the system and what we do helps cut your learning curve and effort to fraction of what it takes for other businesses. 


We have pre-designed ads, strategies and top lead sources. 

For serious affiliates, we'll even set you up with some freshly generated leads to help jump-start your business!

  • We help you get set up so all your system and links are ready to go

  • We design the ads with your information (site-links)

  • We show you exactly where and how to place ads both free ads and paid ads. 

  • We show you exactly what to do and how to follow-up as leads come in (just like you did)

  • We will be available as a support and back up if you need help communicating with prospects 

  • We will give you an outline for success including the most important elements of Consistency and Mindset. 

  • We will always be a phone call or an email away for help with a policy of always getting back to you within 24 hrs.


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WE STRONGLY URGE YOU TO TAKE EVERY ADVANTAGE OF THIS INVALUABLE RESOURCE. You've heard the term "knowledge is power", nothing is more true in business. A lot of people think finding the right vehicle or opportunity is the most important part of achieving success when in fact, real success, any kind of success starts with you, your mindset and your approach to business, no matter what that business is. Here's an example of this point: If a baseball player goes up to the plate thinking they're going to strike out, there's a very good chance he/she probably will. If that same person has their mind made up they're going to get a hit, they visualize it in detail, that of course raises their chances greatly. We could recite countless amazing success stories of people who did so with all odds against them but we've all seen plenty. 

The point is, your mindset and your approach to your business is the key, first and foremost. Then if you combine that mindset with  the right training and tools, you have a winning combination.  

Put it all together with the right vehicle that give everyone a very realistic chance to achieve a very high level of success and income, it's a pretty unbeatable force. With Easy 1up, you really have the perfect combination of elite online business specific training, personal development for success and arguably one of the best vehicles in today's online business space. 

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Let's be honest about the whole testimonial thing,

YES, we could show you endless testimonials and videos of people showing how they're making thousands per week or even per day but you've probably seen that countless times already. Having said that, there are literally thousands of people doing really well with the Easy 1up business but as you know, that doesn't automatically ensure anyone else's success.

But, here's the difference: as you can see, we're doing several things above and beyond what is already in place with the Easy 1up automated system and opportunity. We take out the greed factor and do our very best to ensure the success of everyone who joins us. 

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We're here to guide you on your journey to success!


"Yes, that's me at the helm of a real ship. It makes for a great metaphor and I happen to love vintage ships. Hi, my name is Kellen Burgos. I am the founder of the SUCCESS MENTORS GROUP.  I've been in business for over 35 years. I've owned a marketing/advertising agency (Business Solutions Agency LLC) for over 30 yrs of those years. I've been helping business owners succeed both online and traditional for a very long time".

Things are very different today, understanding trends and what works are a couple key elements for aspiring entrepreneurs. we've done the research so you don't have to. I'm and independent business owner just like you so having someone in your corner that can guide you and support you when you need it is critical. 

So whether you're just getting started or deciding to, I highly recommend going through the details of the opportunity carefully. Many people are choosing this business model over so many others for good reason, In fact, several. See for yourself. 


QUESTIONS? Contact the Business owner (person who's site you came through) 

If you're already in the system, you can contact the company via your back office. They do a really nice job of getting back to people.

If you need immediate assistance and you can't get through to anyone else, feel free to send me an email:

Call or text me at: (608) 304-8995

Look forward to working with you!

Kellen Burgos


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