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Getting started!

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3 simple steps to get questions answered and to get started: 
 1.  Review our site/system carefully and make a note of any questions you may have. Call the call center and leave a message, they will call you back promptly (It WILL NOT be a big sales pitch). Their job is to answer your questions and send you sign up links.

 2.  You will send your admin pymt to the company, and the payment to your enrolling affiliate as instructed via the payment systems shown CashApp, PayPal Venmo, Zelle.
If you're not already, you'll want to get set up to accept pymts on the same platforms

 3.  You're affiliate enroller will mark you as paid and you'll have instant access to your DWP back office to all the products and tools available. DWP does have some nice capture pages and email follow-up which you can use. We take the marketing side to a whole new level, see details below then contact me if you'd like help getting set up. 


Contact Member Support

For questions and/or to get registered with Digital Wealth Pros, please call our member support line below. Don't forget to have the Enroller ID of the member that sent you this information - You can see mine below.
IMPORTANT: When you contact the call center to get your questions answered and/or to sign up, you'll need to leave your name and number with the call center and they will call you right back. They're very prompt, usually within an hour.


Your enroller is Kellen Burgos


Please call...

(800) 232-2109


For direct sign-up: click here

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"The best in automation plus a built-in support team"


FIRST, it's about "paying it forward". I had great mentors that set the example. They went out of their way to help us, they didn't have to. 

In today's world of business automation, it can be pretty impersonal to the point that it feels like you're completely on your own. That can be a pretty tough and  a bit of a lonely way of doing business with little or no guidance or any kind of support. We know exactly what that's like. We do our part to not only get your questions answered when you need help but we also have an entire outline of proven marketing advertising methods that are very low cost or FREE. 

Although there are no guarantees of success and we're all taking the same risks, we give everyone their absolute best chance for success vs what you normally see out there. In fact, we even advertise for you to help you get started. That's something you WILL NOT find anywhere else. 


Questions? Contact me anytime:

Kellen Burgos

(715) 225-2356

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