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Our agents also build long-term residual income on all must have services...UNLIMITED POTENTIAL!!

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​There are literally millions of businesses & families that need our services every, single day including:

  • Health Care - Lowest rates, best coverage

  • Flat rate RX - Lowest cost, best options

  • Payment processing - With savings guarantee

  • Employee PayDay Advance - Interest free

Unprecedented opportunity - Both U.S. and Canada

Kellen Burgos - DAC agent

"I've been in the business of marketing, advertising and business services for over 30 years. I know what it's like to be one of those small businesses that need funding or services. I've seen pretty much everything out there and I do believe DAC has one of the most innovative ideas I've ever seen.

As an agent, I believe the income potential is really unlimited. Even though DAC provides everything, I take it one step further in helping agents build their businesses with DAC. Feel free to contact me anytime!" 

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