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AmeriPlan has been A+ rated with the BBB for

over 30 years and has been featured on Good Morning America, the American Medical Review and countless magazines and articles.

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AmeriPlan provides savings of

up to 85% on Health Care Services:

Medical care, Dental care, Vision, Hearing,

Chiropractic, Pharmacy and Tele-Health! 

Tele-health now Included!

Tele-health is making modern medicine more accessible and affordable for millions!!

"It's like having a family doctor on call, 24/7"

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  • Costs associated with Health Care are at an all time high

  • Over 53% of Americans struggle with health care costs

  • Over 55% of Americans say their deductibles are too high

  • Over 30 million Americans DO NOT have health insurance


FINALLY...the Health Care benefits plan that Americans want and need - Affordable for all!

Receive up to 85% OFF Medical, Dental,

Chiropractic, Vision, Hearing & Pharmacy  

All for just $39.95 a month (per household)!

Watch video overview of services below:

 AmeriPlan offers an opportunity

with unlimited income potential...

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 "AmeriPlan makes going to   work an absolute pleasure" 

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AmeriPlan Business Compensation Highlights:

  • Make upfront/first month commissions on AmeriPlan memberships of up to $79.95 per member

  • Make upfront/first month commissions on new AmeriPlan Consultants of up to $239.95 each!!

  • Make residual income on members of $10 per month for the life of the member PLUS business builder bonuses!

  • Make team building bonuses of up to 25% OR MORE as your team grows!!

  • NO lisencing required to become a consultant. This is not insurance but a Health Care services savings program.

BONUS INCLUDED: With both Regular and Special Jumpstart Consultant positions, an AmeriPlan Deluxe Plus Health Care savings membership included to test out for yourself and your family. (may cancel at any time)!!


The potential with the AmeriPlan business is Unlimited. For a complete breakdown, contact us for more details!

For details on the AmeriPlan Benefit Consultant opportunity start-up options, simply click on the button below:

To revisit the AmeriPlan discount membership overview,  click on the button below:

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