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FINALLY...the Health Care benefits plan that Americans want and need - Affordable for all!

Receive up to 85% off Medical, Dental,

Chiropractic, Vision, Hearing & Pharmacy  

All for just $39.95 a month (per household)!


  • Costs associated with Health Care are at an all time high

  • Over 53% of Americans struggle with health care costs

  • Over 55% of Americans say their deductibles are too high

  • Over 30 million Americans DO NOT have health insurance

Tele-health Included!

Tele-health is making modern medicine more accessible and affordable for millions!!

"It's like having your own

family doctor on call, 24/7"

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MUST SEE...the endless list of testimonals from our members!

"AmeriPlan has been taking care of families for more than 30 years. Now you can put your mind at ease by getting the necessary protection for you and your loved ones."

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