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AmeriPlan provides savings on Health Care Services:

Medical care, Dental care, Vision, Hearing,

Chiropractic, Pharmacy and Tele-Health! 

Tele-health now Included!

Tele-health is making modern medicine more accessible and affordable for millions!!

"It's like having a family doctor on call, 24/7"

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  • Costs associated with Health Care are at an all time high

  • Over 53% of Americans struggle with health care costs

  • Over 55% of Americans say their deductibles are too high

  • Over 30 million Americans DO NOT have health insurance


FINALLY...the Health Care benefits plan that Americans want and need - Affordable for all!

Receive up to 85% OFF Medical, Dental,

Chiropractic, Vision, Hearing & Pharmacy  

All for just $39.95 a month (per household)!

Watch video overview of services below:

AMERIPLAN has been delivering results for over 30 years which

has shown up in the form of thousands of testimonials from

satisfied members all across the country. Here are just a few...

AmeriPlan - Testimonial - image 1.png
AmeriPlan - Testimonial - image 3.png
AmeriPlan - Testimonial - image 2.png

ALL services are included with the Ameriplan Deluxe-Plus membership for just $39.95 per month

REMEBER: AmeriPlan is NOT insurance so all of the following become big advantages for members...


  • NO age restrictions 

  • NO health restrictions 

  • NO long term contracts 

  • Money back guarantee 

For complete details on the AmeriPlan services and opportunity details, click on the links below:

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