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AmeriPlan is the proven business that has become the model of purpose and integrity

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"AmeriPlan has also developed into one of the most enduring and lucrative business models where consultants can realistically build a very significant PT or FT income or acheive complete, financial independence. 

Most importantly, AmeriPlan is a company you can be proud to be a part of." 

- Compensation Plan Breakdown -

Benefits Consultant



Example: AmeriPlan Deluxe Plus membership 

(Most popular) $39.95 - All services included

It starts with 100% commissions paid

on memberships & new consultants


For each membership sold = $79.95 commission

$40 paid weekly + 100% of first months membership of $39.95




       Example: Regular Jump-Start Pack ($199.95) 

  • Includes AmeriPlan Deluxe Plus membership

  • Includes 10 Regular Jump-Start Packs


Consultant sign-ups = $200 each (paid weekly) + $39.95 first month 

Sign-up Inventory of 10 = nearly $2,400  in commissions!! 


Monthly residuals on all memberships = $10 per membership

A very unique point about the AmeriPlan business model:

Out of the thousands of "work from home" businesses that are out there, AmeriPlan Consultants can have great success building this business as a "stand alone" product/service or by building a team of consultants.

Bonuses & overrides - See chart below


AmeriPlan - StairStep Override breakdown - image 1.jpg.png

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